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As God burdens my heart with words that I’ll flesh out on paper,I hope that they challenge you and encourage you as they do me.

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He is alive!

I surely cannot wait for Easter to celebrate Christ’s resurrection! Christ is risen! Oh yes He is alive today. We went to anoint the body of the one who was already the Fragrant offering and sacrifice before God! He is very risen. We have no use for these burial spices anymore and praise God forContinue reading “He is alive!”

The Lord- He is God.

Do you know if your god is God for real? or even you question whether you worship the right G(g)od? Let me tell us some truth, to assure the ones who doubt and bring some to our only true God ! Since the time of the gods of egypt (Baal, asherah and other gods the IsraelitesContinue reading “The Lord- He is God.”

Dwelling place.

Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throneContinue reading “Dwelling place.”

For me!

I never had these words move me like they did the other day. So, let me show you how gracious, humbling and unfathomably loving they can be. You ready?So God is eternal ,and you know that already, He existed in eternity past, before this world was made, there is no way he can, not, notContinue reading “For me!”

Beloved sinner .

We sin all the time, there is no one time or day we can ever say ” we haven’t sinned today , we’ve been good, God must be proud of us, because that would be a lie. “ If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.1Continue reading “Beloved sinner .”

This is why and when

Prayer, one of the many things given to us graciously, we, mere humans to talk to our Sovereign, Mighty, God, Yes, the one whose voice comes forth like thunder, the one to whom every creature answers to for and he says :for whatever reason pray , I would love hear from you,pray, call on me,Continue reading “This is why and when”


My pastor told me to write this article a year ago, I wanted to, I promise but you know how it goes, unless the Lord watches over the city then we stay awake in vain, (unless He writes the article then we type rubbish ),nevertheless, Gods timing is always perfect. We will seek our identityContinue reading “SHE IS EXCELLENT!”

Keep holding on!

Tug of war is a contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over the central line. I never contested in one,at least I don’t remember doing it but I remember cheering for my team which mostly lost .I must have been the Jonah in theContinue reading “Keep holding on!”

This is Joy

Last week, in a conversation I had with a friend, at salutation, she asked whether I was happy.I answered her then asked her the very same question.She tells me, she was trying to be happy and trying to find this happiness from within. So I tell her how that’s not happiness she seeks, that wasContinue reading “This is Joy”


Lol , it’s not about a boy by the way.In light of International Best Friends’ Day(celebrated recently), happy best friends day to all my bffs.I know I had a bunch of them, parted ways with some because of distance in pursuit of dreams in different places, I betrayed some and some just left. This isContinue reading “Davids”

Go easy on my friend

Every failure comes with a reminder of how the trend has been, and when we listen to ourselves, we hear every mean word that can ever be said to us, “I am a failure, every effort I make to get is obsolete, and why do I keep getting it wrong? Maybe I am just notContinue reading “Go easy on my friend”

I’m praying for you

Someone once told me that truth without love is brutality and love without truth is hypocrisy and I do not want to let things be anymore in the name of space, respect so even if it is out of turn to speak, I will do it. I have been reminiscing the days you would callContinue reading “I’m praying for you”


Let all the other names fade away,Let all the other names fade away ,Until there’s only You,Let all the other names fade away,Jesus take your place ! (Wide As The Sky,Matt Redman,2013) Two thousand years ago in Bethlehem,Judea, Mary was told that she will have a baby and heaven had a name already,the angel saidContinue reading “Jesus”


I was going to call this article imprisoned but that is not what will take the stage today,because for close to fifteen years it was the story of my life ,I most certainly have had enough of it. 🥺 Honestly,I did not intend to do it,I kind of found myself in the pit I couldContinue reading “Imprisoned?No,Redeemed”

Careful you’re falling

🌀Careful if you think you stand, you just might be sinking, I’m sure we’ve all heard this warning from the gospels but have we taken it for what it is?  This is a question to us ministers of the word, prayer warriors, fellow worshippers our instrumentalists and every other believer. 🔵Ok let me use thisContinue reading “Careful you’re falling”

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